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What It's Like to Partner with STLMD

Imagine how much further you could go with a dedicated Marketing Department steering the lead generation and leaving you free to tackle your business goals.

St. Louis Marketing Department (STLMD) is a new agency - built from the rubble of COVID-19’s impact on the creative industry. We’ve swept up the director-level marketers, creatives and strategists who’ve been running successful campaigns and departments for some of the biggest brands in the world for over 10+ years. Their new challenge is your business.

A New Mission for A New World

By refocusing our expertise (and our livelihood) on empowering small businesses within our community and across the country, we deliver robust digital marketing services that aligns marketing and sales teams while attracting and converting prospects into the customers.

Our goal may be to transform your brand, but we'd be lying if we didn't admit it's a big win for us to shed the cut-throat agency mentality and get back to our "love of the marketing game" roots and build up local businesses in our community along the way.

What Does Our Partnership Look Like?

For less than the cost of a large agency or hiring a full-time employee, brands can partner with STLMD to infuse a hard-working, trusted team of experts into their business development process.

And we don’t say “experts” lightly. Don’t worry about your account being tossed to “the new guy” - every team member has over 5 years of experience in HubSpot, digital marketing and branding success. Our leadership has over 10+ years experience. Together, we're as comfortable redesigning your website as we are creating high-value content offers, architecting paid ads or writing compelling email sequences that qualify leads.

Plus, as a certified HubSpot solutions partner, we’ll manage HubSpot end-to-end and drive the strategy, automation and execution necessary to reach your audacious business goals. From setting up your CRM to optimizing your sales processes to automating conversion paths across your website, we set you up for success. 

One more thing: We take our values seriously.

We’ve been around agencies who don’t value their people or their clients and watched them trip over themselves in the pursuit of more business, profits and productivity - at the cost of trust, respect and doing the right thing. And it sucked. 

Our leadership and values steer our team towards the best version of ourselves for each client. At our core, we believe in the Law of Value and know that our success is a result of delivering more value to our clients than we accept in payment.

Ready to Do More With Less?

If you need a marketing solution for your sales problem - we’re ready to be the complete marketing engine for your small business. It starts with a free marketing proposal and it gets exciting from there. Trust us to work from the same side of the table as your team and get results. 

Generate leads for Small Business