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How COVID-19 Has Brands Rethinking Their Digital Marketing Strategy

The global COVID-19 pandemic has shifted most businesses to rely solely on their digital marketing strategy to attract customers and maintain their momentum. Luckily, the benefits of a solid marketing campaign are doing more today to open the digital doorway for your customers than ever before.

With the right strategy (and the right experts), results are only a click away.

Getting Started with Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing in COVID times is one of the most important ways to ensure you’re staying in front of your target audience. Your inbound marketing strategy is what attracts potential customers to your brand, whether it be from blog posts, social media, or videos that you share.

By keeping Inbound central to your digital marketing strategy, you can increase lead generation and sales by driving traffic via online sources.

Crafting the right digital marketing strategy to match your industry and your goals takes time – you need to analyze your brand and your customers’ needs to determine the best way to jumpstart your inbound marketing efforts.

Turn Your Business Goals into a Marketing Strategy

Once you zero in on your business goals, consider outsourcing the strategy and execution to experts who can create assets and their appropriate conversion paths so you can generate more leads (and ROI) from the campaign. Partnering with a marketing consultant or specialized agency also keeps your team agile while they fire up marketing projects like pay-per-click (PPC) ads, blogging, newsletters and SEO (search engine optimization).

While people are under stay-at-home orders and doing their best to continue social distancing, purchasing online has become the norm. Statistics have shown that this has also led to about 70% of Americans consuming more content online than they normally would, so optimizing your content for organic search or triggering PPC advertising on social media or Google can be an effective way to connect with consumers.

Now more than ever, potential customers are performing all their searches online, so your brand must be tightening up your SEO strategy and leveraging an optimized keyword list to rank well for the search queries that prospects are searching for every day.

Build a Relationship with Your Customers

During this pandemic, prospects and customers alike are eager to build relationships. Take the appropriate steps to cultivate this relationship when they connect with your brand online by ensuring the user experience matches usability best practices and follows a logical, intuitive structure that users have come to expect.

Finally, ensure you have the resources necessary (we’re fans of HubSpot’s Marketing platform) to set up the kind of closed-loop ROI reporting that ties your marketing actions to results and helps you make data-driven decisions rather than the gut-check kind.

Leverage Technology to Meet Your Customers

Been on a Zoom call lately? It’s yet another reminder that your clients have grown increasingly comfortable with technology as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions - take advantage of this opportunity. According to IBM, this pandemic has caused the shift to shopping online from physical stores to speed up by almost 5 years!

Use marketing technology that improves functions like workflow automation, chatbots and reporting analytics – then integrate all your tools together across your tech stack. You’ll enhance your digital marketing efforts while strengthening that relationship with your customers. It’s the kind of foundation that will help your partnership thrive during the pandemic and stay strong after things have settled!

The Time for a Digital Marketing Strategy is Now

To recap – the world has changed and so too shall your marketing strategy. The global pandemic is causing many organizations to face budget cuts and staff shortages and grip haphazardly onto the wheel of a rapidly spinning marketplace.

So, if shifting your time and efforts into a fruitful digital marketing direction sounds daunting, consider outsourcing your marketing strategy to a digital marketing agency who will help you get found online, then nurture and convert those prospects – all for typically less than the cost of one full-time employee.

STL Marketing Department will manage your marketing campaigns and serve quality, traffic-building content while automating processes to help you reach critical business goals without lifting a finger – you get to keep your focus on what you do best, running your business.

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