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10 Ways to Drive Lead Generation for a Small Business

Most small businesses rely on word of mouth to get the next lead or sale.

It's a business development method that typically means your business is just doing "good enough" and is probably pretty used to weathering seasons of feast and famine. But do you want your sales process to carry the same level of spastic quality as my college baseball career?

What if your website and digital marketing efforts were working 24/7 to attract the right prospects into your pipeline?

If you add the digital marketing services that help you optimize the customer journey across your branding and 10x your web traffic and lead conversions, it'd be a lot easier to transform your business and leave all that "good enough" talk in the past. With that said, these tips will get you started.

10 Ways to Drive Lead Generation for Your Small Business:

  1. Improve Your Online Reputation
    Some marketers call it the "zero moment of truth" when a potential customer is seeking out a local service to purchase and they run up against you and your competitors. Does your Google listing reveal the ratings and reviews needed to keep the conversation going? By actively monitoring your reputation and requesting reviews from satisfied customers, you'll bulk up your local listing in no time.
  2. Take SEO Seriously
    Search Engine Optimization is your ticket to the organic web traffic that will increase your overall lead generation and conversion rate. It starts with a solid keyword plan and then it's all about implementing that across your website, content and paid search efforts. Remember, success comes when you write quality content for people who use search engines.
  3. Make Your Website Standout
    Like a digital business card, this is often the first impression prospects get of your brand. Is your website branding up-to-date? Is the website optimized for the variety of devices your prospect may be using? Is it speaking the industry language of your customer? Have you created conversions paths that match the user experience? 
  4. Create Compelling Content Offers
    When you place content behind a form it creates an easy opportunity to trade your offer for the prospects email. You both win. The trick is creating content that they should care about in the first place. Make sure it's helpful and covers the different stages of your buyer's journey - from Awareness to Consideration to Decision.
  5. Write Blogs that Match Customer Needs
    Your blog is one of your hardest working employees. It is meant to have an answer to any customer inquiry as well as demonstrate value by educating prospects on the tips and tricks of your industry. Google loves to see consistent, quality content being published on your website so don't miss this chance to show up in organic rankings online.
  6. Cut Through the Clutter with an Email Strategy
    Email certainly isn't dead - most businesses are just doing it wrong. When you show up in someone's inbox unsolicited with "me! me! me!" content, you've created an interruptive marketing channel that turns off prospects. However, when you share relevant, personalized messages that match your target's needs, you create sales.
  7. Demonstrate Trust with Client Case Studies
    What better way to get a new customer to trust you than to show them all the customers just like them that already do? Case Studies are an important way to cover the concerns and challenges of a business and then outline the ways that you solved them. Sprinkle in the cheery testimonials that are hopefully showing up in your Google reviews.
  8. Leverage Social Media Listening
    It's not enough to just auto-post your blogs on social media. You have a great opportunity to engage your target audience, community and customers online by showing off your personality through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. By monitoring search terms, you can "listen" to issues or requests and inject yourself into the conversation. 
  9. Trigger New Visitors with Paid Ads
    Considered the shotgun approach to lead generation, a well managed paid search campaign can get you traffic, leads and conversions faster than any other method. From keywords to bid strategy to landing page experience, it's important that you optimize the entire conversion path to keep Google and your visitors happy.
  10. Hire a Partner Who Can Do It All For You
    Spoiler alert: You don't have to do it all yourself. You need to stay focused on running a business and chasing your goals, so hire a trusted digital marketing agency to run the strategy, implementation and execution for you. I can think of one off the top of my head...

Normally, it takes a village to raise a brand, but with the help of HubSpot certified partners like St. Louis Marketing Department, it just takes expertise and effort. We're excited to get to know your brand and the goals that will help you make a difference in the community.

We get you started quickly with a free marketing proposal that walks you through the go-to-market strategies we recommend to hit your targets and grow your lead generation. 

To learn more about SMB lead generation and why it pays to bring on HubSpot along with St. Louis Marketing Department, check out our lead generation eBook.

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